Carla Brenner Pilates

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Pilates & Gyrokinesis retreats in the UK

Pilates is the technique founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. It is an exercise system which builds up strength and lengthens bodies without frenzied physical activity. Gentle and controlled, it works the core muscles creating tone and fitness and improving posture. Regular sessions result in a longer leaner body with evenly developed muscle tone.
 Pilates offers the chance to build core strength, tone the body and work on each individual muscle group.  Recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists, Pilates is an effective form of remedial and rehabilitative exercise. It is also very beneficial as an ante and post natal fitness regime.

The exercises are very precise and are achieved without forcing or straining the body, helping to relieve stress and tension in the joints and therefore alleviating the everyday aches and pains. By focusing on breathing whilst exercising, you can work mind and body together to leave you feeling refreshed rather than exhausted. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and progress at a rate which is challenging but attainable. 

Fitted with the latest Pilates machines and equipment, Carla's north London studio offers each client a personalized one hour workout.  Sessions can be booked in courses of 10 or individually.   

Please email Carla for further information and bookings - carlabrennerpilates@googlemail.com